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Unisex Second Skin (sun-shield) Sleeves (Set)
Unisex Second Skin (sun-shield) Sleeves (Set)
Unisex Second Skin (sun-shield) Sleeves (Set)

Unisex Second Skin (sun-shield) Sleeves (Set)

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These form fitting stay up skin sleeves are perfect for shielding full arm sun exposure, light weight and comfortable, is truly a second skin. Perfect for the warm summer months of outdoor exposure. When it’s hot and your hot and who wants bulky long sleeve shirts during the warmer months, this allows you to wear T-shirts, tank tops, tube tops, swim suits while covering one the most continuously exposed part of the body your arms.

Good for all ages!

You feel that burn coming on, you can simply grab these and sleeve them on for the duration of time spent out side to assist you in preventing extreme burn and protecting from further sun damage and potential skin cancer concerns.

Wear indoors or outdoors for any event, whether it be during outdoor activities like water sports,cycling, hiking, boating/skiing, fishing, motorcycles, truck driving, farming, walking, gardening, or indoors for baking, crafting, cleaning, anything that you do that you want your arms protected whether from sun or staining or scratching these make great shields, can even wear them over clothing you want protected during tasks, really great for any out door or indoor activity and any age or size!

This comes in handy when your working with things that can tend to scratch the arms, ie working in the garden, with hay etc!

Stick them in your pocket, bag, purse or pack, wear them as a cuff on your wrist like you would a headband as a wristlet then simply pull them up when you have had your limit in the sun.

Machine washable, best to air dry and these are quick drying.

Contains Lycra for a great form fit, snaps back into place.

*message me with color preference or pick from fabric sample photo,
**Note give arm length wrist to armpit, wrist and bicep diameter for custom fitting!!!