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Ultimate Zero Waste Dish Sudz
Ultimate Zero Waste Dish Sudz

Ultimate Zero Waste Dish Sudz

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The shape of the soap says everything!

This soap provides a maximum sudz, with a blend of natural ingredients to brighten dishes and leave them squeaky clean the holistic way!
*environmentally conscious

Original Ingredients:
Non toxic coconut derived base (SCI) along with baked sodium bicarbonate, white vinegar, distilled water and my favorite bacteria fighting blend of essential oils, Baked Sodium Bicarbonate, oils (*thieves inspired blend along with lavender, basil and lemon).

Herbal Fresh:
SCI, baked sodium bicarbonate, long infused garden fresh herbal vinegar (rosemary, thyme, lemon peel) colored with parsley purée, scented with lemon and peppermint essential oils.


Price is for one Bar Approx 3-4 oz