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Wild Dandelion Heart Bombs (AGS)
Wild Dandelion Heart Bombs (AGS)
Wild Dandelion Heart Bombs (AGS)
Wild Dandelion Heart Bombs (AGS)

Wild Dandelion Heart Bombs (AGS)

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The Utopia of bath bombs!

"Wild D. Spirit Heart Bom's" are here!

These photos feature the:

"Wild D. Rose " Bath Bom.

This dinosaur of a bath bom is sure to delight your bathing experience!

This group of Bombs contain:

Wild D. Rose:

mineral salts, baking soda, citric acid along with specialty ingredients:
powdered rose quartz, pearl powder, beet root powder, kaolin clay, infused rose quartz water, pink rose petals, midevil EO, rose absolute essential oil, anointing oil blend from the beautiful land of "milk and honey" Israel, along with sweet almond oil!

Lavender Fields:

contain same ingredients but substitute rose petals for lavender petals, rose quartz water for amethyst water, rose essential oil for lavender essential oil and omits the rose quartz powder.

These get to the heart of the matter and blesses you at the same time!

Inside this delightful bom is a beautiful "stone heart" of love that is your keepsake to remind you that you matter, important and loved!

Keep this heart in a special dish and keep it in a special place you see every day, with each bath you take or weekly ritual of detox and regeneration, by using these Wild D. Heart Bom's you will have a unique collection of love hearts in various stone colors or to share with another!

price is for one bomb