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Wild Dandelion Tonic (nourishing coffee alternative)
Wild Dandelion Tonic (nourishing coffee alternative)

Wild Dandelion Tonic (nourishing coffee alternative)

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This nourishing and energizing blend of super powerhouse adaptigenic ingredients provide not only energy and focus but well being at the same time.  

While coffee attacks the central nervous system, depletes minerals and taxes the adrenals, raising the cortisol levels and unbalancing the blood sugar it truly promotes the opposite of what people think their using it for.

Wild Dandelion tonic strengthens the body and balances it at the same time.

perfect for those wanting to get off coffee or to cut down servings or replace coffee altogether.

with ingredients like: roasted dandelion root, chicory root, shilijit, Reishi Mushroom, cacao, chaga, eucommia, macuma Puriens, Holy basil, lacuma, mesquite, monk fruit, ground vanilla bean. 

This screams indulgence in a cup.

i live to put into a bullet blender 

1-2 Tbl mix to 12 oz hot water, (option vegan milk alternatives:, almond, coconut, Brazil, oat, cashew, hemp, pea, rice milk) with a spoon of coconut oil or cocoa butter and some coconut sugar or honey then blend.  It’s an amazing latte and so very very good for you with vital minerals!