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Promises & Tea (Tea Bag Wallet)

Promises & Tea (Tea Bag Wallet)

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If your a tea drinker or know someone who is this is an invaluable accessory!

We all take tea bags and toss them in our purse or pocket for the day or even the week and often they become dirty damaged and torn as we pull things in and out of our packs!

This nifty and charming handcrafted tea bag holder is so charming and focused on the details. The promise tag helps to open the snap, which hold your tea securely, the bottom is tucked beveled to all width to hold multiple tea nicely.
Each wallet comes with a promise tag (who doesn’t need a little reminder of hope, along with a cup of soothing tea right?!

Comes in many colors and fabric prints, by default will be selected at random unless you specify through a note you would like a specific color preference, or male vs female prints.

Blessings as you go and your cup of precious tea is protected!

Makes great gift tags or even to go along as a gift with a box of year for someone