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Personal Alpha-Gal Coaching
Personal Alpha-Gal Coaching

Personal Alpha-Gal Coaching

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I offer personal coaching for one who has Alpha-Gal and doesn’t know where to begin.  I will provide you with a plan of attack focusing on your personal individuality (as no two people are the same in way of responding, but are equal in allergy to the same mammal sugar molecule). 

This is pretty extensive coaching touching all areas of life to attack this allergy, relieving the body, mind and spirit, while empowering you with knowledge, recipes, tools and strategies to support you on your journey with this fearful allergy, to being you to a place of confidence and power.

My goal is to help you embrace the new you )for the time being) to serve your body well as you move to the other side of the allergy.

You are not alone and I walk this very same road of  allergy with you as a fellow diagnosed  Alpha-Gal Symdrome (AGS). My methods work so very well for me and I hope to see you to a place of thriving as well.

*price includes initial 50 minute session of personal one on one coaching with two 20 minute followup sessions for review and modification purposes, and will include pdf printable or downloadable tools created for your plan.

Note: additional follow up session’s #4 is $25 for each 30 min session booked.