RAWkin Spirit Creations is rebranding to" Wild Dandelion Soaps" (Please excuse the mess we are still building the site.)


Hello my name is Jen (owner/product developer at Wild Dandelion Soaps) and it is my pleasure to have you visit me on my site.

I am a gal with a creative spirit and a loving heart.  A mother to five children and three grandchildren, as well as a devoted wife and follower of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. 

I and my family live in the middle of a meadow that is surrounded by trees, where I organic garden, raise composting worms/fishing worms (for market) , harvest worm castings (for market), manage several beehives, raise chickens, rabbits, composting Worms and enjoy our dogs and cats. 

I have certification as a holistic health practitioner, certificate essential oil and digestive enzyme expert, and working with several wholesale companies as a independant distributor throughout the years. (and still currently)

I have always longed to work for myself, creating products, and sharing them with other health conscious people, and people who just enjoy great artisan products made with loving hands one at a time.  I love taking vintage fabrics and old vintage linens and turning them into one of a kind dresses, as well as avocado seeds that are tossed away unglorified and turn them into something special and useful, typically unglorified and turn them into something unique, yet a functional parts of ones life

Knowing first-hand how the products have worked in my life and family, I am compelled to bring them to others to enjoy the benefits too.

I have many passions and as a result have gained a lot of knowledge through extensive research in my topics of interest.  With that I take great personal responsibilty with I've gained ie: knowledge, talents and gifts, and I bring them to you with the hopes of blessing your life. 

* additional thoughts:

Thank you for visiting my store.  It’s my Care for you that I create the best quality products to love your body while giving it ingredients though daily body care to so that by using my products it actually aids in strengthening and supporting your body and skin to regenerate, restore, revitalize, rejuvenate,  and rest to support the longevity of your skin and overall health.  As a Certified Holistic Practitioner I have spent 35 years studying and using natural product s and formulating priducts since I was 18, first for my self and my own health journey and I present my wealth of knowledge and gift of creativity to bring you what I feel are the best products to love support your body and it’s strengthening.  My products contain natural and healthful ingredients straight from the earth, you can understand every ingredient, no chemicals here.   I use high quality essential oils to not only provide support to the body but scent to the products, I use many raw and superfoods in my products, top quality oils, butters and natural colorants like spirulina, Maca root, Reishi mushroom, turmeric, botanicals, herbs and flowers, zinc etc.  I wild harvest ingredients from my pristine meadow out in the middle of the U.S. the Ozarks Of Missouri, I also source many ingredients that I grow in raised garden beds (many of the herbs and flowers I use in my soaps and over body care).  Organically grown, no herbicides, pesticides or chemicals touch my heirloom seed garden, just rain water, well water, the best soil formulated from our natural untouched dirt along with fresh castings that our worms generate (we raise composting worms too, which supply the casting) and pollinated by bees from our very own hives along with all the wild pollinators.  My focus in crafting products is to build your body up and supplying nothing in my products that are known to break the body down.  I hope you enjoyed visiting my store and found the perfect something for you or a loved one, friend or family!  If you have any question feel free to contact me, if you have a special request, contact me and I will share what I can offer you.  Blessings,  Jen


Wild Dandelion Jen