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Bee’s Wraps

Bee’s Wraps

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The perfect reusable food saver.
What a great decorative way to seal up food until your ready to use it. Perfect for in the go snacks by making pouch out of wrap, great for sandwiches, chips, veggies, nuts/fruits.
Perfect for halved fruit, citrus, avocado etc!

Comes in three sizes and multiple patterns and colors, country charm to say the least

Use it to cover up leftovers in a container, glass or bowl. Activate the cling ability by simply wadding it up in your hand, the heat of your hand softens the wax and the pine rosin helps aid in its
Cling-ability sling with jojoba to soften the texture of the waxed fabric.

Many months of uses. Simply wash with mild soap by hand in slightly warm water.

If fabric begins to crack over time simply place it on a cookie sheet between parchment paper at 200 degrees and heat for 30-60 seconds it will return the shine and redistribute the wax.

Also keep these for years by keeping a small bag of bees wax beads in your pantry, simply place on a parchment lined cookie sheet scatter wax beads over cloth, and heat at 200 degrees for 60-90 seconds, remove and air dry for a minute and viola!