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ALPHA-Gal Allergy Bracelet
Alpha Gal Allergy Medical Alert band for men women and children silicone base soft comfortable
ALPHA-Gal Allergy Bracelet
ALPHA-Gal Allergy Bracelet
ALPHA-Gal Allergy Bracelet

ALPHA-Gal Allergy Bracelet

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If you or any one you know suffers with this Tick bite Allergy this is a must for you.

You don't want to be caught breaking out with hives head to toe, shock, anaphalaxis, confusion, pass out and not have others know how to begin to go for help and or any treatment to give.  Imagine driving down the highway or shopping in a store and going anaphalactic and no one is with you and the medical help arrives and gives you medication topical or internal that has Mammal (Mammon) ingredients or by-products in them... this would be tragic and make an already bad situation even worse or life threatening!  

What if your kid is out playing or riding a bike and goes into anaphalactic episode, maybe at a sleep over with a family who knows not of this condition and serves something to the child.

The list goes on!

Be proactive and defend your vulnerable situation with this descriptive alert bracelet and have comfort and confidence that no matter the situation you have the proper notification to protect yourself!

White letters on the outside, black letters on the inside of band with further instructions

NOTE:  the word ”require”  on this band image sample is not on the final product the word is corrected to say “require”.

*(please specify (youth or smaller boned 7”,  or adult Large 8”,)needed for each bracelet ordered!)

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