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Vegan “Millennial” Cold cream (Borax Free)
Vegan “Millennial” Cold cream (Borax Free)
Vegan “Millennial” Cold cream (Borax Free)
Vegan “Millennial” Cold cream (Borax Free)

Vegan “Millennial” Cold cream (Borax Free)

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This new take on a more than two thousand year old practice of using Cold Cream as a cleanser/moisturizer brings this tried and true skin loving practice into the current age.

With all of the product ingredient knowledge and testing that we have available today it is such an amazing thing to be able to formulate products for a well rounded product addressing and supporting this generations needs.

I believe I have done this with this terrific rose water, rose petal infused cold cream!   

Melts into the skin quickly to behind dissolving and encapsulating makeup, diet, environmental sediment on our skin so it can be gently blotted away with a tissue or damp warm rag.  The. For the final sealing apply a little more to the skin and head off to bed for the feeding, strengthening and repairing it will provide through the night.  This absorbs nicely so not puddles of goo on your pillow case or hair sticking to your skin:)


Oils/butters: Shea, coconut, glycerine, candelilla wax, Jajoba, olive oil, vit E, GSE, Rosehip oil, black seed, red raspberry seed.

Essential oils: sea buckthorn, lavender, helichrysum, carrot, frankincense, gentle baby (YLEO), 

Additional ingredients: hyaluronic acid, silk peptide, Powdered rose petals,  powdered rose petals grape seed powder, pearl powder, honey, aloe Vera juice, trace minerals

May contain: “scent variations”

Rose water, Rose petals


orange water 

*Glass jar not

***note best kept in refrigerator for longer product life up to 3 months, left at room temperature best to use in 4-6 weeks.  Use spatula provided to remove product from co Rainer to prevent introducing bacteria into product with fingertips.