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Why is it important to use natural organic ingredients in our body care

Why isn't it important to use natural organic ingtedients in our body care?

At RAWkin Spirit Creations it's believed that health comes from the inside out and from the outside in.

Our body's skin is the largest organ of the body and function's to be a barrier from pathogens and bacteria in our environment.  Not only does the body's skin serve as a barrier to unwanted elements it's also a pathway to absorb water and other ingredients into  body that can either support one's health or decimate it!

So we put on our skin really affects who we are in the long run as our cells uptake the ingredients and change us for the better or worse.

in my skin care line I utilize the best ingredients that are researched and are reported to be beneficial on so many levels not to strengthen and support the skins health but the body as a whole.

Here at RSC I have a slogan:  I create that are beneficial for the body mind and spirit.

Inside my fabulousness products are the best oils and butters not to mention superfoods, herbs, roots, flowers and pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  These ingredients are thoughtfully selected and serve to nourish the skin as well as absorb into the body thus promoting and supporting health.

I hope you try these body care products and let your skin, along with your body, mind and spirit confirm these premium products.  

You will be hooked and your body will thank you!



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