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Why I created the best vegan “Unisex” RAWkin Shave Soap

watch the video of how I make this amazing RAWkin Shave Soap  that’s unisex and Vegan!



This wonderful vegan shave soap is sure to please the most sensitive skin!


Rich in beneficial oils and decadent butters along with clays to easily glide the blade across the skin.


Oils, butter and clays provide a rich lathered with a silky finish, lifts hair nicely to allow for a close shave with a nicely toned and moisturized finish of the skin that will be hydrated and protected all day.


Has a refreshing yet gentle scent that’s reminiscent of a sunrise over the ocean. Great for men and enjoyable for women’s use as well.


Vegan, AGS friendly


preorder yours today, cure time 4 weeks


Made 9/17/2018


oils of:


coconut, olive, castor, sunflower, sustainable palm


mango and cacao butter


kaolin and bentonite clay


essentisl oils of:


Rosemary, vetiver, cederwood, shutran blend, lavender, orange, GSE


sodium hudroxide and distilled water.




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