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Why are tonic-adaptogenic herbs so vital for us? They are like the gym for our insides!

Tonic adaptadaptogenic herbs, flowers, leaves, stems, roots, mushrooms are Gods gift to mankind.


Why is the daily use of Tonic-adaptogenic herbs so beneficial for us?


Our creator made solutions to every natural need man would have in way of health, wellness and healing.  


The leaves are for our healing and food is thy medicine eaten for fuel, for recovery for wellness.  Even abstaining from food through farting and intermittent fasting does a body good!


How do tonics fit into this?


Tonics being earth created using: the leaves, root, flowers and stems, in addition the things that grow on trees and in the shade like fungi.


Nearly everything on the planet that is plant based is used for food or medicine.


When we utilize specific plants as tonic ingredients it is so nourishing to our body and most often they are adaptogenic in nature.  They are working for you if your taking them daily.  Yes they can work for you with intermittent use but they cannot do the best for you without daily use... who wants to get just a little better when you can achieve marked improvements that you can feel and others can see in you!


What does ADAPTOGENIC mean?


Adaptogenic is the tonic herbs talented way of communicating with our body in way of reading it and then utilizing itself to bring our body back into balance (homeostasis), if we are too high in an area let’s say our nervous system for instance and we are in anxiety with adrenal overload and cortisol release, these adaptogenic herbs will modulate our bodies back to balance, too low sluggish tired it will elevate the system back to balance.


Tonic ingredients are very fascinating and work like a little ecosystem in our body nurturing every cell and causing a reaction!


When I am feeling off and just not right,  the first thing I think about is drinking a tonic, as daily doses make real changes. 


Since tonic herbs build our system upon usage it is important to use daily, when your not using it they are not working for you.  


Tonic adaptogenic herbs help you body in achieving strength and this comes from the body toning through daily intake of these powerful plants, just like a daily walk, run, bike, swim or gym.  The more you go the more you glow that more it shows as you continue to improve!


Tonic adaptogenic herbs are like the gym for your insides!


A cup a day changes everything! 


To think that a daily drink can support your body in achieving real balance naturally for calmness, endurance, memory, sleep, vitality, immune system strengthening,  sex drive, hormone balance, toning the vital organs, cooling or heating the nourishing the systems of the body, weight management, skin health, longevity and this is just the tip of the iceberg to how vast the support is from tonic herbs to our body, it’s like a hand and glove relationship!


What is so wonderful about the RAWkin Tonics brand is that I have done the work for you and it seems ready to enjoy mixed into your favorite warm drink, baked goods or smoothie or anything else you find to do.


I have blended what I believe to be a fantastic daily support for balancing the body as a whole,


Give my tonic a try and watch your body feel better than before by the time you’ve finished the bag.





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