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What Alpha-Gal Syndrome did to my body, mind and spirit

These photos are before, during and after.the before a are 10/2013 and the tragic height of my battle with AGS and the ravage and rapid weight gain in one year then the after photos are six month after I implemented my plan of attack developing a dietary lifestyle and working on my mind and spirit.

no exercise was involved but if it were my outcome would have been more remarkable.

At 55 you can see the before photos of my face five years ago then at the height of my suffering the dramatic aging that took place in my face then six months later and 50 lb lighter the light and briteness came back to my eyes and face as well as the over all countenance my face and spirit is lifted and I expect it with the inclusion of exercise now to get even better.

You too can achieve these results if you know what to do to recover and thrive in the midst of having AGS and this program is beneficial for anyone who has been ravaged by any disease.

I work personally with you to develop a bio-individual plan of attack on your weaknesses and bring you to success!

click on the AGS tab and products to jump on board to making your 2019 better than 2018!







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  • I recently was dx with ags after being treated for Crohn’s disease 4 over a decade. I did not have Crohn’s disease or IBS or diverticulitis or colitis . I have no idea where to start with this. Who to talk to. How to manage it. What to do.


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