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The benefit’s of intention is satisfied customers

The benefit of intention is satisfied customers!

How does intention result in customer testimonies?

When one has intention in their product development while keeping the customer’s experience in mind it results in product’s that make a difference in the life of their customer.

I often develop a product for myself first, typically due to something I need to remedy or a benefit that I need to gain with the regular usage of that product.

When a product is successful for me I am compelled to share it with others making it available for the public to purchase.

By listening to the voices and needs of the public, (often specifically to a particular genre’s needs)  what they are searching for and then developing and delivering a product to meet the need searched for is vital.

The customer is key here, as well the genuine desire to see their need met with the best product you can formulate.

The testimony of the consumer is a key component to a small businesses success, this being with repeat purchases, also word of mouth advertising from them directing others to ones business.

It becomes a wonderful relationship between the heartfelt artisan and the customer.

I truly live to research and  then develop product’s to help another’s life be just a little better, sweeter and healthier than what they had before they found my products.

This is what fuels me “love from the heart” for the fellow man.  The reward for me is the testimony shared from them because I made something they needed and wanted.

I have to say thank you to God for a creative mind and the heart to press into product development with intention and that is to bless another.




Here is the latest testimony I have received from a satisfied customer and this is why I do what I do with gusto!


From a customer:

I know it’s Small Business Saturday so I want to share about a product that a fellow AGer Jen made for me.

I love this Pit Paste and her shop is on Etsy! RawkinSpirit! It was custom made for me and it is created Alpha Gal safe! It allowed me to heal from the cuts under my arms that I was receiving using the not so safe brands and the sent is my signature scent now! Also, it’s created with doTerra essential oils that is also an ethical brand and vegan! Oh! And it travels very well! I am able to add some of it to a reusable plastic container that fits into my travel essential bag easily.

Also, I added the photos of the healing that has happened under my arms so that you can see the results that I have received by using this paste in less then a month. Guys! I had those cuts for years! — feeling fabulous with Jen Strickland.

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