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Essential Oils and the endocrine system

What is the endocrine system and why is it important to health and well being?

The endocrine system is the grouping of glands which produce hormones to manage and regulate the metabolism, our growth and development, essential tissue function, the coveted sexual function, healthy reproduction, the all too necessary sleep and mood processes, among other things",

The endocrine system is something that needs to function like a well oiled machine to keep our bodies running optimally and to have a healthy experience in our being.

There are many sabotages to the endocrine system during our daily life experience.  These come by way of what we eat, breath, apply to our bodies.  One prime example that has been reported to throw off the endocrine system that many of us handle each and every day is the thermal paper receipt that contains powders used as drying agents for the ink.  When we handle them we uptake those chemicals and they wreak havoc on our endocrine balance, as they are disruptors.  Many of our body care products have the same types of chemicals and do the same thing.

Water bottles containing PCB's threaten our endocrine system as well.

How can essential oils help to balance the endocrine system?  Lets talk about Myrrh for instance:

Myrrh, contains sesquiterpenes, which may give support to healthy glands.  The hypothalamus, is an important glad that gets very little mention, you may have never even heart of this gland, but it produces many vital hormones incluiding thyroid and growth hormones which are extremely important for our overall health and triving as a individual, so you want to support those hormone produdction glands in the body.   When we use essential oils such as Myrrh we are assisting our body to regulate its system functions and balances, especially when we are under attack from our exposure to threatening agents.

Here is but a small list of mainstay oils that can help support the endocrine system and maintain healthy hormone balances:

Peppermint, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Nutmeg, Lavender, Myrtle, Ledum.

Be your own health advocate and research these oils as well as the pathways to determining if your bodys endocrine system needs support.

Research threats common to the endocrine system that are widely utilized in our food, body and home care products.

I pray this blesses you with inspiration to take your body and life to the next level one truth at a time.



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